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The Brief

GT Rush provide on-road London supercar rides and gift experience. They felt their current website was outdated and in need of a redesign and restructure to better represent their experiences.

The Process

We started with a Research & Discovery phase. Even though the site needed a complete redesign, GT Rush was keen not to lose the brand identity they had built over the past few years. We looked at competitors and how the larger players in the industry sell and present their experiences. Once this had given us a good understanding of how to best proceed, design visuals were completed for each page type. GT Rush sell three different levels of their experience. Badge graphics were created for each of these with the option to view the next level on each product page.

Gtrush Designs

Design visuals created for GTRush within SketchApp

The project involved collaboration with Planyo experts who were integrating the booking system into the website. In addition to the website I also designed and built gift vouchers which would be sent to customers via email.

The Result

Gtrush Home 2
Gtrush Rides
Gtrush Nextlevel
Gtrush Car

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