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The Brief

Planned 2 Perfection supply event management and event design for all kinds of different events focusing on high end clients. A new website was required to showcase the quality of their work via their content, photos, videos and sound files, all of which Planned 2 Perfection could update themselves. Most importantly the new website would give potential clients the confidence that you can manage an outstanding event - big or small.

The Process

After discussing the sites goals and content requirements we concluded that the photographs showcasing Planned 2 Perfections managed events were to be the central focus on the website. The UI design of the website needed to compliment the imagery, but ultimately allow them to shine through. With this in mind the design visuals for four key pages was kept minimal, which allowed elements of the brands pink to be used on key elements.

P2P Sketch

Artboards for the design visuals in SketchApp

Once the design was complete I progressed to the build using the Craft content management system. This easy-to-use CMS allows Planned 2 Perfection to update their website themselves, such as adding more gallery images and videos from their latest events.

The Result

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Client Testimonial

"We commissioned to Sarah to design and build our new website and we were really pleased with the process and the result. She understood exactly the look and feel we were after and offered us great suggestions for design and functionality. She waited patiently while we gathered all the resources she needed to complete the task and then delivered a really impressive, user friendly solution."

- Colin Richman - Managing Director

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