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The Brief

rebelfit is an online fitness club that each month runs a mission containing online nutrition and fitness plans. Their missions have helped thousands of people take control of their bodies and their nutrition by coaching and empowering them to lose weight, to get in shape, to get fit and to stay that way for the rest of their lives.

rebelfit has seen excellent growth since it launched but now it was time to invest in it further to support marketing and ensure better conversion of site visitors.

The Process

The first step was an inspiration board where myself and the rebelfit team could pin websites we liked the style of, or smaller components where the content related to them. From doing this we discovered the type of look and feel that would work well for the rebelfit audience, and got an idea of how certain elements should be presented.

Rebelfit Inspiration

The next step was wireframing the layout of the pages which lead to discussions about hierarchy of content and how the layout could best meet the requirements of the business.

Rebelfit Wireframes

With the wireframes agreed, rebelfit provided the content for the website and we moved onto the design visuals. Image research was a vital part of this stage as the site was going to be highly visual and it was key the imagery used portrayed the right tone for the rebelfit brand.

Three visuals in total were created along with a representation of what the homepage would look like on a mobile. These differed slightly from the wireframes as during this time rebelfit changed how they were going to setup the missions.

Rebelfit Visuals

With the visuals complete the final stage of the project was to turn the design visuals into a fully functional website. The site was build on Craft CMS giving rebelfit the control over updating content such as adding future missions and blog posts.

Client Testimonial

“Like so many start up businesses, I built our first website on a shoestring. It looked cheap, felt cheap and worked cheap, meaning we lost customers and sales, I knew it was time to invest in a professionally designed website. I searched the internet for web developers and found Sarah's portfolio. Her websites looked clean, slick and easy to navigate across all devices. Working with her was a breeze, especially her use of various apps to brainstorm and share ideas. The whole process was actually quite fun and didn't feel like work!"

- Liam Sartorius

The Result

Rebelfit Homepage

Client Testimonial

"The end result is a website that not only looks really modern and professional, but also a website that does what it is meant to do – sell! The navigation and payment gateway ensures visitors to the website have a smooth journey from the home page to signing up, and this has definitely resulted in an increase in sales. Best of all we can manage and update the website through a very easy-to-use content management system. All in all, I'm very happy with both the website and the service, and would thoroughly recommend Sarah!"

- Liam Sartorius

Rebelfit Mission

A rebelfit mission page. This page has two states, one where signups are active before the mission starts, then it becomes closed and signup options are removed. rebelfit can manage this process themselves via the CMS.

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