Living Coast Top

The Brief

The Living Coast serves as a world-class demonstration area of how we might live better in the future, in greater harmony with our local environment by bringing people and nature closer together.

A re-design of their current website was required to provide a more contemporary feel. The new design was to remain on-brand, making use of their existing colour palette and the torn edge mask used throughout their print material. The use of larger imagery to convey their focus on people and nature was important whilst highlighting that there is lots to get involved in with the ever changing news and events happening in the Biosphere.

This project was in collaboration with the development studio amillionmonkeys. My role was to create design visuals that they could develop into a fully functional website.

The Result

Design visuals for the homepage and a template internal page were created in SketchApp to handover to the development studio.

The Living Coast Home

Homepage Design Visual

The Living Coast Internal

Internal Page Design Visual

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